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Highlights 01 April 2021

The biggest hits become the best Box Sets on DStv this April. Binge on it all, from Lioness to love Island, Abandoned to Die Boekklub, all in your own time

If you find yourself with a little happy holiday time on your hands this April, just want to settle in with your TV for a marathon viewing session, or even want to catch up on an amazing show, it’s time to crack out a Box Set. With full seasons of about 47 shows going live this April, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

DStv’s Box Sets let you binge on your favourite shows in your own time, hold viewing marathons, replay favourite scenes and go back to check out clues – however you want to watch, that remote control is in your hands.

April’s big Box Sets include M-Net’s (DStv channel 101) big Thursday night drama, Lioness, which has been keeping us gasping and guessing with all those twists and its clever approach to flashbacks and flash-forwards. Victorian-era series Miss Scarlet & The Duke has been a delightful piece of escapism and has given us some real costume eye candy. The deft blend of drama and comedy in Die Boekklub earns it an A+ on its book report again and the heart-wrenching reality series, Abandoned, with Phumeza Mdabe will make you oh-so thankful for your own family.

If you’ve been counting down the episodes, the grand finale of Love Island SA S1 airs on Sunday, 11 April, on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 20:00 and the series will be available immediately as a Box Set.

Keep scrolling because there are always more Box Sets with brand-new seasons of old and new favourite shows ready to binge on this April like The Ranakas, Your Honor, Almost Family, 1000-lb Sisters, The Biggest Loser, Blacklist, Riviera, Walker, Afgrond, Grown-ish, Mr. Mayor, Broke, The Bachelor (US) and a whole lot more.

No matter what your TV mood, there’s something good waiting for you in a DStv Box Set.

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April’s big Box Sets

Lioness S1

In this crime drama, Sam Hugo (Shannon Esra, who stars as Candice in Still Breathing) plays a woman who is torn from her children and sent to prison after being framed for a fraud that her husband committed shortly before his death. Eight years later, she finds out, while trying to reconnect with her son and daughter having served “her” time, that the husband who destroyed her life is still alive. She’s not going to sit in a corner and cry. As this Lioness says, “Backing down isn’t in my nature.”

Binge on it from Thursday, 1 April, to Thursday, 29 April, (DStv Premium and Compact Plus)

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Missscarletandtheduke S1

Miss Scarlet & The Duke S1

This fun period drama follows Eliza Scarlet (Kate Phillips) as she takes over her late father’s detective agency, refusing to marry to escape her dire financial situation. But since she’s living in Victorian England, she isn’t allowed to own and operate a business without a male business partner – enter her reluctant childhood best friend, William “The Duke” Wellington (Stuart Martin), who’s also her father’s former protégé. Now, how long will it take these detectives to spot William’s crush on Eliza?

Binge on it from Monday, 12 April, to Monday, 10 May, (DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact and Family)

Watch Miss Scarlet & The Duke

Die Boekklub S3

Cape Town hipster and now established author Tom Niemandt (Armand Aucamp) left the Karoo town of Merweville at the end of S2 and moved to Pretoria. Now it’s 2024 (in a post-COVID-19 world) and Tom is called back to Merweville by the death of one of his old book club friends. The death and subsequent road trip spark a sort of midlife crisis as Tom has just turned 40. But he’ll have plenty to take his mind off his own issues as he catches up with the people he used to know.

Binge on it from Tuesday, 20 April, until Tuesday, 18 May, (DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact)

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Abandoned S1

Young adults who grew up in care after being abandoned at birth, or as young children by desperate mothers, often have unanswered questions and self-esteem problems that affect their ability to make connections. Host Phumeza Mdabe, along with Abandoned’s research team and private investigators, will be going around the country to track down those missing parents so that their children can talk about the issues that have been weighing heavily on their minds and find out why their birth parents couldn’t raise them.

Binge on it from Tuesday, 13 April, until Tuesday, 11 May, (DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact and Family)

Watch Abandoned

Love Island SA S1

Soapie star and host of Slank and Kom Ons Jol, Leandie du Randt, presents the first-ever season of the reality dating show, Love Island South Africa. A group of sexy, single South Africans are converging on a swanky villa in Cape Town prepared for a summer of romance, friendship and fun. Every few days, they’ll have to pair off with someone who they fancy, and it’s hard luck when some people are on everyone’s “want” list, and some, not so much. If nobody wants you, so sorry, you’re off the “island”. But even those who’re coupled up can’t just kick back in the pool together. There are new people arriving all the time, offering new temptations. And challenges will make people re-think their choices when it turns out it’s not enough just to be hot. The whole Love Island SA season will also be available as a Box Set to binge on Showmax.

Binge on it from Friday, 9 April, until Friday, 7 May, (DStv Premium and Compact Plus)

Watch Love Island SA Read More

Boer Soek ’n Vrou S13

New presenter Marciel Hopkins had quite a task playing matchmaker for this season's 10 farmers as production had to comply with all sorts of pandemic restrictions in “unlucky” S13. But love will always find a way. With three mature farmers and seven young guys on the block, there was plenty for this season’s ladies to consider. If you’re spoiler-crazy, pop by the Boer Soek YouTube channel for sneak peeks at all the episodes here.

Binge on it from Thursday, 15 April, until Thursday, 13 May, (DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact)

Watch Boer Soek N Vrou Read More

More Box Sets this awesome April…

Whether you love your family drama to keep it real with The Ranakas or scandalous with Bryan Cranston’s new drama series, Your Honor, and the fertility shocker Almost Family, you’ll find something addictive to binge on this April. And there are plenty of lifestyle shows to enjoy too, like the weight-loss reality series, 1000-lb Sisters, and the new-look The Biggest Loser. Drama fans can really get into the plot with The Blacklist, Riviera, Walker and Afgrond. If you'd prefer a good laugh, prepare to wonder where the time went with Grown-ish, Mr. Mayor, and Broke. Keep scrolling because there’s so much more, including the latest season of The Bachelor (US)…

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