Meet fascinating people without leaving home, with DStv Access this March

Highlights 01 March 2021

DStv Access is inviting the likes of Dr. Now, Madam & Mercy and John Wick into your home this March

Meet fascinating people without leaving home, with DStv Access this March

Remember when we could go places, meet people and do things?

Ah well, we can still do all of that on TV. This March, DStv Access is bringing some of the most entertaining people on the planet to spend a little couch time with you.

The great Dr. Now is back with new patients, dog trainer Matt Beisner is turning snarling attack dogs into love puppies, and ex-Real Housewives Evodia Mogase and her daughter, Mercy, are here to give you a good laugh. Meanwhile, the Curvy Brides will have you sighing happily with their romantic stories.

There are home reno shows on tropical islands and also decor and design ideas that you can apply under your own roof. And with fascinating, fun and educational series to watch with the kids like Searching For Superhuman, Asia’s Wild Secrets and Elliott From Earth, you can all destress from the work and school day together.

If grown-ups are looking for a little action, Keanu Reeves’ 3 John Wick films will take you to another world and remind you how awesome movies can be.

Your March can be so much more with DStv Access…

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Real shows, real people

Prepare to meet that special someone this March on DStv Access. Ex-Real Housewives Evodia Mogase and her daughter, Mercy, are living their best lives and they’d love to invite you in. You are also invited to meet the “little” Johnstons, Kody Brown’s 4 Sister Wives, and all the brides who are getting their dream dresses at Curvy Brides Boutique. There are more serious medical issues to explore too, as Dr. Now takes on some new patients, and the doctors of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital tackle cases of botched plastic surgeries. All this and more…

Madam And Mercy 1 Local 3 To 9 April
Madam & Mercy S1

Evodia Mogase – better known as Madam – and her daughter, Mercy, kept viewers laughing in season 1 of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg. Their very own 13-episode reality show is an invitation to hop on board as they fly by private jet, you can join them in the fitting room as they update their fabulous wardrobes, and even go inside their homes for sensitive family lobola negotiations. And because it takes cash to look this flash, Madam and Mercy will also invite viewers into their daily struggle as entrepreneurs.

Watch from Thursday, 25 March, on Mzansi Wethu (DStv channel 163) at 18:30

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7 Little Johnstons S6a 16X9
7 Little Johnstons S6

The Johnstons of rural Georgia are the largest-known family of little people in the world. This season, the kids are all grown up. Liz and Anna are in college, Alex and Emma are starting high school, and Jonah has his first serious girlfriend. With the kids spreading their wings, Amber is ready to go back to teaching again, but the coronavirus has left school plans up in the air. See what the family get up to during quarantine, from video challenges to pole dancing classes.

Watch from Wednesday, 3 March, on TLC (DStv channel 135) at 20:00

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Sister Wives S10 Episode03jpg
Sister Wives S10

Mormon fundamentalist polygamist Kody Brown, his 4 wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – and their 18 children are still living in separate houses in Flagstaff, Arizona, where their lifestyle is an anomaly. There’s been no progress in building a compound together on their large plot of land and the wives are starting to re-evaluate their decision to all live together. When the COVID-19 pandemic strikes, some big decisions have to be made because Kody and Christine are ignoring social distancing rules and precautions.

Watch from Wednesday, 17 March, on TLC (DStv channel 135) at 22:00

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Tlc Curvy Brides Boutique S3
Curvy Brides’ Boutique S4

Best friends Jo Cooke and Alison Law are transforming wedding dress shopping for big brides-to-be. Goodbye desperate searching, hello stress-free experience – where each bride is made to feel like a princess. This season, we’ll meet an inspirational bride who's overcome severe mental health problems and a bride who unexpectedly found love later in life. One bride has to deal with a surprise pregnancy and there are quickie and alternative brides who are looking for something special. There's a heart-warming story behind every fitting.

Watch from Sunday, 28 March, on TLC (DStv channel 135) at 18:00

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My 600Lbs Dr Now Main
My 600lb Life S9

This series follows the lives of people weighing over 600lbs (272kg) on their year-long weight-loss journey as they try to turn their lives around forever under the guidance of stern bariatric surgeon, Dr. Now. Once they can demonstrate to Dr. Now that they can control their eating, he’ll take them for dangerous gastric bypass surgery. Along the way, we’ll meet the patients’ families and get to grips with the issues behind their addiction, like shame and grief, and see how being morbidly obese affects their lives.

Watch from Friday, 12 March, on TLC (DStv channel 135) at 20:00

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Botched Up Bodies Key Art
Botched Up Bodies S1-S8

Britain's top plastic surgeons at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital come to the aid of patients whose previous cosmetic procedures have gone horribly wrong. Open and upfront about the body, this series doesn’t shy away from showing everything in the before-and-after stages along with the fascinating events in the operating room during surgeries. As it checks in with patients following their repair procedures, it also reveals how life-changing it can be to have a body issue go away after years of feeling tortured over it.

Watch Mondays-Fridays from Monday, 1 March, on CBS Reality (DStv channel 132) at 21:10

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Coast Guard Mission Critical
Coast Guard: Mission Critical S1

The men and women of the United States Coast Guard patrol America’s borders to fend off drug runners, terrorists and human traffickers. But most of their time is spent rescuing local sailors, pleasure boaters and fisherfolk. Thanks to a film crew embedded with the coast guard 24/7, we’ll tag along on some of their most exciting missions as they search for a missing fisherman, save stranded hikers, halt drug smugglers who are trying to sneak by at night, and search for plane crash survivors.

Watch from Saturday, 27 March, on CBS Reality (DStv channel 132) at 07:50

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Cash In The Spare Room S01 Epgjpg
Grow Cook Eat S1

In this special cooking show, Michael Kelly and Karen O’Donohoe explore the journey that our food takes before it reaches our tables – from sowing the seeds to harvesting and cooking. Each episode is focused on a different vegetable, and the series also includes step-by-step guides to growing vegetables, building raised beds, making a compost heap and improving soil fertility. This series has been a big hit with kids and touches on ecological issues like excess plastic packaging in supermarkets and the impact of importing exotic food.

Watch from Monday, 1 March, on The Home Channel (DStv channel 176) at 18:00

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Real Health S11 Epg
Real Health S12

Presenter Michael Porter invites holistic health specialists and medical professionals to discuss health topics affecting viewers. And they reveal what a difference it can make to our daily lives (barring serious medical disorders) if we follow the correct diet, exercise and lifestyle for optimal self-care. Starting off this season, fitness expert Stacey Holland and the team will be looking at the idea of natural beauty and how society’s messaging about beauty can impact how we see ourselves. They will also test some natural beauty treatments and products.

Watch from Monday, 1 March, on The Home Channel (DStv channel 176) at 19:00

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Cash In The Spare Room S01 Epgjpg
Cash In The Spare Room S1

Designer Sarah Moore and small-space expert Max McMurdo show viewers and ordinary homeowners how they can turn that little extra space they have in their houses or on their properties into a money-spinner. See how a spider-filled garden shed can be transformed into a holiday rental room or how your out-of-use caravan can be made pretty to raise enough cash to send you on your next holiday. And when the kids leave home, Airbnb possibilities beckon. Get inspiration for your next lockdown project.

Watch from Monday, 29 March, on The Home Channel (DStv channel 176) at 16:00

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Island Of Bryan S01 Hero
Island of Bryan S1

Master contractor Bryan Baeumler and his wife and head designer, Sarah, have 4 schoolgoing kids. But they’re about to run away to a tropical paradise for 8 months to work on their dream project – rebuilding and restoring Emerald Palms, an abandoned beachfront resort on the remote San Andros island in the Bahamas. The resort hasn't been operational for 10 years, the termites have run wild, transporting goods to the island is wildly inconvenient, there’s a massive hidden unpaid electricity bill and cash flow is an issue. Pass the popcorn!

Watch from Tuesday, 30 March, on The Home Channel (DStv channel 176) at 16:00

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Scotlands Home Of The Year S01 Hero
Scotland’s Home of The Year S1

Architect and university teacher Michael Angus, renowned interior designer Anna Campbell-Jones, and lifestyle blogger Kate Spiers are on the hunt for the most extraordinary houses in Scotland. In each episode, they’ll highlight 3 stunning houses while exploring all their different design and decor features. The highest-scoring house out of each 3 will go through to the finale. Whether you like traditional stained glass and plasterwork, industrial-space makeovers, or a house that’s full of clever shipboard-style space savers, there’s always something intriguing to see.

Watch from Monday, 29 March, on The Home Channel (DStv channel 176) at 19:30

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March Movies

Keanu Reeves’ meme-worthy series of John Wick action movies is coming to DStv Family this March. His hitman character takes on the Russian mob and fellow assassins in what some reviewers have called a “ballet of blood” thanks to the incredible action scene choreography. And the films build a fascinating culture of mobs and assassins to explore, with a deep vein of humour throughout.

Remember, if you’re a movie addict and you want more, you can Add Movies!

Linking ADD movies to your existing DStv package makes DStv’s Premium movie channels M-Net Movies 1, M-Net Movies 2 and fliekNET available on your DStv decoder, DStv app and on Catch Up, giving you so much more awesome action to enjoy in March.

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And don’t miss…


After her husband cheats on her with her own sister, a young woman decides to give them both another chance. Unfortunately, her shameless sister isn’t ready to let “her” man go.

Watch on Thursday, 4 March, on Mzansi Wethu (DStv channel 163) at 17:00

Watch Mzansi Wethu


A bodybuilder’s promoter uses all her savings to take a local bodybuilder to Johannesburg with hopes of turning him into a big star. It’s a gamble that could ruin them both.

Watch on Thursday, 11 March, on Mzansi Wethu (DStv channel 163) at 17:00

Watch Mzansi Wethu


The staff at a hotel are facing a dilemma: The business isn’t doing well and they have to convince the owners to keep the hotel running. How will they do it?

Watch on Thursday, 18 March, on Mzansi Wethu (DStv channel 163) at 17:00

Watch Mzansi Wethu


A young girl with albinism meets her fiancé's family for the first time. Instead of welcoming her, they forbid him from marrying her and threaten to disown him if he does.

Watch on Thursday, 25 March, on Mzansi Wethu (DStv channel 163) at 17:00

Watch Mzansi Wethu

Vicious Fun Still 3 Evan Marsh
Vicious Fun

In this horror comedy film set in the 1980s, Joel (Evan Marsh), the snide and sarcastic film critic for a horror magazine, stumbles across a secret underground self-help group for serial killers. Using his appetite for the grotesque, he must blend in with the group of 5 killers to escape discovery throughout the night – or become their next victim.

Watch on Thursday, 4 March, on TNT (DStv channel 137) at 20:00

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For the kids

As well as the great documentary series, Searching For Superhuman, kids can explore special wildlife series like Siyaya. And on the fun side, Arthur the aardvark is back, and the brand-new series Elliott From Earth will take kids on a joyride through space with all its strange alien species.

Humans & nature

This March, DStv Access has 3 fantastic family documentary series to enjoy. Dr. Shalin Naik’s Searching For Superhuman brings us all the latest science about the human body, dog trainer Matt Beisner is back in Dog Impossible: A New Leash and Asia’s Wild Secrets will show us everything from pandas to snow monkeys and snow leopards.

Searching For The Superhuman Epg
Searching For Superhuman S1

Dr. Shalin Naik hosts this documentary series that examines recent discoveries which have reshaped our understanding of our bodies and minds’ limits, needs and abilities. See what scientists have learnt through exploring not just our genetic code, but the DNA of the human microbiome. Find out what the frontiers are in our understanding of the brain, and see how fertility treatments and care during pregnancy are increasing the wellbeing of babies. There are also episodes on prosthetics and studies in ageing, mortality and the danger of epidemics.

Watch on Sunday, 7 March, on Da Vinci (DStv channel 318) at 22:00

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Dog Impossible
Dog Impossible: A New Leash S2

Each of this season’s 8 episodes follows self-educated dog trainer Matt Beisner of Zen Dog in Los Angeles as he uses his “Zen” approach to changing dog behaviour. He finds out what’s bugging each problem dog – from detachment issues to fear-driven aggression – and works to re-establish a bond of respect, trust and love between the dog and its humans. This season, he’ll take on a pack of 5 scared, aggressive bulldogs, a dog who’s scared of being on the leash, a dog who’s ruining its owner’s marriage and more.

Watch from Monday, 15 March, on National Geographic Wild (DStv channel 182) at 18:00

Watch National Geographic Wild

Asias Wild Secrets
Asia’s Wild Secrets

Take a journey to see Asia's most iconic wildlife as well as its weirdest oddities. Each creature has a story to tell of how it survives in its spectacular surroundings. This 3-episode documentary series looks at how Asia's mountains, monsoons, glacial meltwater and islands have shaped its wildlife. From the snow leopards stalking the Himalayan mountain peaks and the vultures that soar over the Tibetan Plateau to snow monkeys, giant pandas and snakes that live at hot springs – each has its own secrets.

Watch from Sunday, 21 March, on National Geographic Wild (DStv channel 182) at 18:00

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