Explore different lives with these must-see shows


Ordinary people living extraordinary lives in these must-see shows on DStv.

Explore different lives with these must-see shows

With DStv, you can live 1,000 lives, one night at a time.

From rich housewives to rugged fishermen and gold prospectors, to people who make their living making us laugh on the stage, and people who’ve left the city behind to start over, their fascinating stories are all here to enjoy this month. We can follow a year in someone’s life, like Moonchild Sanelly, or check in briefly on sensational stories, with the help of couples therapist Dr. Orna Guralnik and counsellor Ntate Thuso Motaung, and talkshow hosts like Toke Makinwa, and Paul Rivera.

From the strange to the inspiring, these shows are a window into other people’s worlds. And all you have to do to open that window is to click a button on your DStv remote control…

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Glam lives

Let’s talk 

Unique points of view 

Rough & Rugged 

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